Website Builds

The sites er web design create are built using the WordPress platform. WordPress is a Content Management System (or CMS) that allows you, the site owner, to manage the content. This ‘content’ can be the text and images on a page, your podcast episodes, the details of a product you sell (which can be something physical or digital such as images, PDF’s or ), a listing in a trade, business or property directory or even the lessons in a course you want to deliver to paying members.

WordPress is a hugely flexible system – which is why it’s used to power approx 30% of the web! – and can be tailored and customised to suit your Content Management needs. If you have an idea and want to discuss then call 07810 111 800


A ‘brochure’ site (up to 6 pages)1You can add more – this is the number included in the build cost that allows you to tell visitors and potential customers or clients about the products or services you offer, how to get in touch with you as well as the option to include a ‘blog’, a map and a contact form.



As the Base level site but with the options for more pages (up to 15)2You can add more – this is the number included in the build cost with options for galleries, pricing tables, limited e-commerce functionality (small number of products, PayPal only, basic shipping options etc)



More complex sites requiring more in-depth research into your requirements, code and design development.

E-commerce sites with large number of products, display options, product categories, more flexible shipping options.

Membership sites and on-line courses.

A site with heavily ‘structured’ data such as a property listing or car listing.



WordPress can accomodate just about any type of content to display on the web. It can also be used ‘privately’ as content management system for your business where only you and those you give permission to can access the data anywhere there’s internet access.

If you would like to chat about your ideas and requirements please call 07810 111 800