Why WordPress?

Because WordPress can be just about any kind of website you want!

Back in the old days of the web your site was most likely built ‘by hand’ – each page written (coded) seperately, all the links between the pages had to be modified individually each time a new page was added. It was all very ‘technical’.

Content Management Systems (CMS’s) have been around a while before WordPress came on the scene but non seem to have had the impact it has had since it was created back in 2003.

WordPress is popular for a number of reasons:

  • It’s free1There is a paid option at WordPress.com but it’s not as flexible for developers
  • It’s easy (relatively) to install – in fact some hosting companies will install it for you.
  • It’s amazingly flexible – functionality can be added easily using ‘plugins’ – many of which are free too.
  • By adding ‘Themes’ you can change the way your site looks easily

WordPress is free?

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it not ‘Professional’ – at the moment WordPress power’s around 30% of the websites on the internet including Walt Disney and Vogue.

What kind of site can I build with WordPress?

Well, there are Membership sites, Online Learning sites, Business Directory sites, Property Listings or portfolios, Job sites, Ecommerce sites, Photography sites, Intranet sites (internal business sites)……With the right plugins and some development WordPress could run just about any type of site on the internet.

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